Realtime Monitoring of Industrial Polymerization Reactions

Processing efficiency
Increased Polymer Yield, Quality and Consistency
ACOMP Control
Optimized Process Control
ACOMP reduced VOCs
Reduced Cycle Times, VOCs and Material Usage
Anomaly detection
Anomaly Detection during Production

ACOMP is a smart manufacturing system that continuously analyzes polymers during production. This automated monitoring solution produces realtime data about reaction kinetics and polymer properties such as residual monomer, monomer conversion, polymer composition, molecular weight and intrinsic viscosity. 

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ACOMP Enables 17% Cycle Time Reduction

During the fracking boom there was high demand for a number of enhanced oil recovery chemicals, and many manufacturers sought ways to increase capacity with existing assets. In 2014 Nalco, an Ecolab Company, innovatively partnered with Fluence Analytics to pioneer the use of industrial ACOMP in one of its manufacturing facilities, subsequently leveraging the smart manufacturing system’s realtime data streams to reduce batch cycle times by 17%.

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Fluence Case Study
ACOMP Process

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