Aggregation and Protein Stability Analysis

ARGEN, by Fluence Analytics, adds another powerful tool to the protein scientist’s arsenal. It is a light scattering instrument that measures the pharmaceutical stability of therapeutic proteins and peptides and the quality of natural and synthetic polymers. The instrument is composed of 16 independent cuvette sample cells capable of precise control of thermal and mechanical stressors. By continuously monitoring the state of its samples, ARGEN provides continuous, kinetic data yielding early detection of aggregation, degradation and particle formation under independently controlled stressor conditions.

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ARGEN Features

Continuous Monitoring

Determine each sample’s molar mass evolution, aggregate formation and phase stability in real time

Application of Stressors

Apply combinations of thermal, chemical and mechanical stressors to each sample

Continuous Operation

Exchange individual samples without affecting other ongoing experiments

Intuitive Software

  • View experiments in real time
  • Adjust individual stressors before or during experiments
  • Simplified search and recovery of data files
  • Export data to standard CSV format for advanced interpretation


  • Aggregation Rate
  • Mass Aggregation Rate
  • Normalized Mw
ARGEN Benefits

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