ACOMP Brochure

Realtime Monitoring of Polymerization Reactions ACOMP is Automatic Continuous On-line Monitoring of Polymerization reactions, a patented solution that continuously extracts, dilutes, and conditions a small stream of reactor contents for analysis by a variety of non-chromatographic and chromatographic methods throughout the entire reaction process. The system can directly measure macromolecular properties during production. This fundamental information is used...
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ARGEN_PEGS Boston 2018

ARGEN Brochure

Protein Stability Monitoring ARGEN by Fluence Analytics is the right instrument to assess the pharmaceutical stability of therapeutic proteins and general stability of natural polymer products. ARGEN allows for 16 independent experiments to run simultaneously, and each sample is measured continuously throughout the experiment, yielding extremely valuable kinetic sample stability data. ARGEN utilizes 16 completely independent cuvette sample holders, and...
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