Webinar: Benefits of In Situ Aggregation Kinetics with ARGEN

Explore the advantages of In Situ Aggregation Kinetics with ARGEN!   Chris Roberts, Professor at the University of Delaware (UD), explores the benefits of using in situ aggregation kinetics during this webinar which includes data collected on an ARGEN, a static light scattering instrument. The webinar also incorporates the presentation of two case studies where ARGEN...
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Webinar: Polymer Characterization 101 – The Fundamentals

Expand your knowledge of polymer characterization!   The latest webinar by Dr. Wayne Reed delves into the fundamentals of polymer characterization, including techniques and detectors used for analysis and the measurements they generate. Dr. Reed is considered a leading expert in polymer analysis. During this webinar, he also discusses the evolution of polymer characterization from...
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Webinar: ACOMP Detectors by Michael Drenski

The perfect opportunity to learn all there is to know about ACOMP detectors! This webinar by Fluence Analytics overviews the range of detectors incorporated into ACOMP that enable realtime monitoring and characterization of polymerization reactions. Michael Drenski, CTO of Fluence Analytics, discusses the ACOMP detectors that are available today and the value they provide. During...
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Webinar: Intro to Light Scattering by Dr. Wayne Reed

 Interested in learning about the fundamentals of Light Scattering? Want to know more about the differences between DLS and SLS?   Watch the free webinar by Fluence Analytics CSO, Dr. Wayne Reed, who provides an introduction to light scattering then discusses how the technique’s use as a characterization tool has evolved with the growing needs of...
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Webinar: Introduction to ARGEN

Rapid Analysis of Protein Formulation Stability ARGEN, by Fluence Analytics, adds another powerful tool to the protein scientist’s arsenal. ARGEN is a light scattering instrument with 16 independent sample cells that can test for protein aggregation while stressing samples under multiple conditions including chemical, mechanical and thermal…all in real time and accelerating protein formulation stability!...
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Webinar: Introduction to ACOMP

 Realtime Monitoring for Polymerization Reactions ACOMP is a smart manufacturing system that provides realtime monitoring of polymerizations during production. This automated monitoring solution produces realtime insight about reaction kinetics and polymer properties such as residual monomer, monomer conversion, polymer composition, molecular weight and intrinsic viscosity. ACOMP enables optimized process control, resulting in increased polymer yield,...
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