Monitoring Styrene Butadiene Rubber: ACOMP Application Note 004

Online monitoring of styrene butadiene copolymerization, including a final coupling reaction   Authors: Michael F. Drenski, Wayne F. Reed, Fluence Analytics Piotr Kozminski, Terry Hogan, Bridgestone Research Americas (Akron, OH)   Abstract Automatic Continuous Online Monitoring of Polymerization reactions (ACOMP) was used to continuously measure the anionic polymerization of styrene butadiene rubber (SBR) at the 20...
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Global Entrepreneurship Summit

Fluence Analytics to Participate in the Global Entrepreneurship Summit Fluence Analytics, a New Orleans based startup that delivers realtime analytics solutions to polymer manufacturers, was invited to participate in the 2019 Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES). The Summit will take place in the Hague, Netherlands on June 4-5. Alex Reed, Co-founder and CEO of Fluence Analytics,...
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Imagine Chemistry

Imagine Chemistry — The Nouryon Collaborative Innovation Program

Fluence Analytics Accepted into Imagine Chemistry Competition Fluence Analytics, a startup providing industrial and laboratory analytics solutions to polymer manufacturers, was accepted into the 2019 Imagine Chemistry competition.  The collaborative platform is organized by Nouryon, the former specialty chemicals business unit of AkzoNobel. The competition works with selected startups and university organizations to foster a...
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World Materials Forum Startup Challenge

Fluence Analytics to Compete in 2019 World Materials Forum Startup Challenge Fluence Analytics, a New Orleans based startup that provides realtime industrial and laboratory analytics solutions for polymer manufacturers, was accepted into the 2019 World Materials Forum (WMF) Startup Challenge. The prestigious competition will take place June 12-14 in Nancy, France. As a selected finalist, Fluence...
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Technical Bulletin – FATB0918

The third edition of the Fluence Analytics Technical Bulletin Series includes an ACOMP case history and a technical note on using ARGEN to analyze the impact of stirring stress.
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InnoSTARS Semi-finals in China

Fluence Analytics Accepted into InnoSTARS Semi-finals in China Fluence Analytics, a company specializing in industrial and laboratory analytics products, was accepted into the 2018 InnoSTARS semi-finals. InnoSTARS is organized by the U.S. China Innovation Alliance, and it is the only national platform between the U.S. and China that connects innovative companies with investors, corporations, and...
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Fluence webinar logo

Webinar: Optimizing Polymer Manufacturing

The exciting Optimizing Polymer Manufacturing webinar reviews customer benefits derived from the realtime monitoring of polymerizations with ACOMP, a smart manufacturing system that continuously analyzes polymers during production. Discussed benefits include reduced cycle times, improved product quality, enhanced yield, and dynamic measurements of critical polymer properties. Alex Reed, CEO of Fluence Analytics, presents case studies...
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Gulf Coast Conference

Fluence Analytics presenting ACOMP case studies at Gulf Coast Conference 2018

Dr. Sig Floyd to discuss new case studies on polyacrylamide and acrylic adhesives Fluence Analytics Business Development Advisor, Dr. Sig Floyd, is presenting new ACOMP case studies during the Gulf Coast Conference. These case studies will overview typical ACOMP applications for process monitoring such as polyacrylamide reactions, condensation polymers, and acrylic adhesive formulations. The presentation will...
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Monitoring Pressure Sensitive Adhesives: ACOMP Application Note 003

ACOMP Monitors 2-Ethylhexyl Acrylate and its comonomer based reactions Background The history of pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) dates back to the 1920s. Since PSAs are critical to the medical, engineering and construction industries, the demand for the adhesive is still growing. As reported by Tom Brown Inc.[4], the demand for pressure sensitive adhesive tape in 2017...
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ACOMP Case Study

ACOMP Case History with Nalco Water

Fluence Analytics and Nalco Water Collaborate on an ACOMP Case History for Chemical Processing  Grant Heard, Quality Manager for Nalco Water, and Scott Meikle, Global Director for Nalco Water, collaborated with Alex Reed and Michael Drenski, Fluence Analytics’ CEO and CTO, respectively, on an ACOMP case history which appears in the September 2018 issue of...
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