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Fluence Analytics Brochure

Fluence Analytics Brochure: realtime data. realtime optimization. Fluence Analytics is a manufacturer of industrial and laboratory monitoring solutions that produce continuous data streams. The company has two product lines, ACOMP and ARGEN. Combined with powerful, proprietary analytical tools, the confluence of data from the company’s measurements enable realtime optimization leading to improved process control and faster R&D for polymer and biopharmaceutical manufacturers....
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Pegs Boston Fluence Analytics

Fluence Analytics to exhibit at PEGS Boston: The Essential Protein Engineering Summit

  PEGS: The Essential Protein Engineering Summit is one  of the industry’s preeminent events for anyone involved in biotherapeutic drug development. The annual conference is always held in Boston, and this year’s summit will take place at the Seaport World Trade Center from April 30 – May 4. At booth number 438, Fluence Analytics will...
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Webinar: Intro to Light Scattering by Dr. Wayne Reed

 Interested in learning about the fundamentals of Light Scattering? Want to know more about the differences between DLS and SLS?   Watch the free webinar by Fluence Analytics CSO, Dr. Wayne Reed, who provides an introduction to light scattering then discusses how the technique’s use as a characterization tool has evolved with the growing needs of...
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ACOMP - Advanced Manufacturing - Smart QA

Fluence Analytics Enables Smart QA in Polymers

Fluence Analytics (formerly Advanced Polymer Monitoring Technologies), a manufacturer of smart industrial and laboratory monitoring systems, recently released the third generation of its ACOMP, an automated system that performs continuous, real-time monitoring and characterization of polymers for 3D printing, smart QA, and other uses during manufacturing and post-processing. The ACOMP QA process enabled a global...
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Case Study: ACOMP 001

Global Specialty Polymer Manufacturer using ACOMP to Monitor Realtime Monomer Conversion Attains 17% Cycle Time Reduction Background A global specialty chemical company produces high-value polymer products in batch reactions. Prior to ACOMP, the process and quality control procedure was to manually pull samples from the reactor for laboratory characterization of polymer properties such as molecular...
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Monitoring Methyl Methacrylate: ACOMP Application Note 002

Monitoring the polymerization of methyl methacrylate (MMA) in the presence and absence of crosslinker ACOMP is used to measure polymer properties in realtime ACOMP is an online monitoring system that continuously analyzes polymer properties during production in realtime. ACOMP uses a well-known, non-chromatographic technique to measure monomer and polymer concentration, intrinsic viscosity and weight average...
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ARGEN_PEGS Boston 2018

Formulation Development: ARGEN Application Note 002

Formulation Development with ARGEN Abstract Formulations are developed in the biopharmaceutical space as a set of solution conditions that lead to the highest stability of a therapeutic substance such as an antibody protein or peptide.  The solution conditions that generally affect the stability of the solute are solvent choice, ionic strength, pH, excipient, surfactant and...
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Comparing Protein Stability: ARGEN Application Note 001

Comparing the Stability of Protein Formulations with ARGEN Abstract Because ARGEN’s 16 experiments are fully independent, users can determine aggregation or degradation characteristics of protein formulations for all samples simultaneously, regardless of their individual time spans (some can take minutes, others can take weeks). When one sample is complete, another can immediately take its place....
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Webinar: Introduction to ARGEN

Rapid Analysis of Protein Formulation Stability ARGEN, by Fluence Analytics, adds another powerful tool to the protein scientist’s arsenal. ARGEN is a light scattering instrument with 16 independent sample cells that can test for protein aggregation while stressing samples under multiple conditions including chemical, mechanical and thermal…all in real time and accelerating protein formulation stability!...
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Webinar: Introduction to ACOMP

 Realtime Monitoring for Polymerization Reactions ACOMP is a smart manufacturing system that provides realtime monitoring of polymerizations during production. This automated monitoring solution produces realtime insight about reaction kinetics and polymer properties such as residual monomer, monomer conversion, polymer composition, molecular weight and intrinsic viscosity. ACOMP enables optimized process control, resulting in increased polymer yield,...
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