Webinar: ACOMP Detectors by Michael Drenski

ACOMP Detectors Webinar

The perfect opportunity to learn all there is to know about ACOMP detectors!
Join Mike Drenski, CTO of Fluence Analytics, for an exciting & informative webinar!


This webinar by Fluence Analytics will overview the range of detectors incorporated into ACOMP that enable realtime monitoring and characterization of polymerization reactions. Michael Drenski, CTO of Fluence Analytics, will discuss the ACOMP detectors that are available today and the value they provide.

During the ACOMP Detectors webinar you will learn:

1) How the detection of polymer properties by using physical principles can deliver value in manufacturing and R&D
2) The current offering of ACOMP detectors (Ultraviolet Absorption, Differential Refractometer, Dilute Solution Viscometer, Multi-angle Light Scattering)
3) Value and polymer properties measured by the various detectors
4) Integrating GPC with ACOMP’s sample stream

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Meet the panelist

Mike Drenski

Michael Drenski – CTO at Fluence Analytics

As the CTO of Fluence Analytics, Michael leads the technology vision and roadmap, setting and executing the company’s product development priorities. Michael is listed as inventor on several patents, and he has more than 15 years of experience developing Fluence Analytics’ hardware, data analytics and proprietary technologies.

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