Webinar: Forced Degradation of Proteins through Mechanical Stress

Explore benefits of applying mechanical stress while evaluating aggregation!

Webinar Forced Protein Degradation

Dr. Curt Jarand, a Research Scientist at Tulane University’s PolyRMC, will explore the benefits of applying mechanical stress and material interactions while collecting kinetic aggregation data. The webinar will present data collected on ARGEN, a static light scattering instrument by Fluence Analytics.

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Webinar topics will include:

1) The differences between thermal and stirring stress
2) Continuous shear stress using a syringe pump
3) Using peristaltic pumps with ARGEN
4) Aggregation discrepancies with different tubing and materials
5) Using ARGEN with secondary detectors

Meet the panelist

Dr. Curt Jarand


Dr. Curt Jarand – Research Scientist, Tulane University – PolyRMC

Dr. Jarand is a Research Scientist at Tulane University’s PolyRMC, a nonprofit R&D organization. Prior to his current position, Dr. Jarand worked as a Senior Instrumentation Specialist at PolyRMC where he used ARGEN for several experiments and applications. He has a Ph.D. in analytical chemistry from the University of New Orleans.

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